I know for fact, you are wasting time that I can automate for you

Hi! I'm Euripides Gabriel. I help teams maximize their productivity with automation, new technologies, and by better utilizing their resources.

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Digital Solutions if you are suffering from...

Lack of Transparency

You can't instantly get an answer to the questions: "What are you working on?", "What's the progress on...?"

Coms Overhead

You spend more time in meetings and communicating instead of getting productive work done due to lack of visibility.

Inability to Adapt

So many technologies and methodologies are coming up but your digital ecosystem is outdated.

Unclear Processes

Your team spends more time asking "How to" instead of executing, and when they do, they do it wrong...


How can we help you?

Work OS & ClickUp

The time of using pen and paper, or sheets to manage your work is long gone. Work smarter, faster, and better by using cutting edge tools (Such as ClickUp) and define your processes.

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Eliminate manual work from your hands so you can take care of what really matters and scale efficiently. We use make.com to make magic happen 😏.

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Digital Ecosystems

Get advice and solutions on tech for your Digital Ecosystem. We are familiar with tools for every use case, and how to make them work together.

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We are partnering with top class tools around the world

Numbers that seal the deal

My ROI centered process prioritizes in getting you results fast. And my numbers speak for themselves.


In 4 years, I’ve worked with more than 60 companies, in 4 continents


Clients have consistently gave me a 5/5 rating, except one Brett.


I helped my clients save over $11M with by automating their processes.

some of our services

Pick My Brain

From €85 to €215


Get a quick brainpower boost you need to take your business to the next level. Whether you need advice on ClickUp Automations or what to do with the time we help you save, we got you covered!

What can we cover?

ClickUp Advice

Digital Ecosystems


Automation Idea & Validation

Processes Check & Optimization

BI & Client Reporting Systems

Conversational Marketing & AI

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Digital Ecosystem Audit



Get a solid understanding of what goes wrong with your digital ecosystem and get an action plan to help you reach your desired goals & outcomes.

What's Included?

2 hour call & Recording

3 Universal Currencies Analysis

Solve a Major Pain

Downloadable Executive Summary with a step by step Action Plan

Screen Sharing & Live Implementation

(If applicable) Pre-call recording audit of your current ClickUp setup

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It's a simple process...
For real...

We have worked with over 60 companies over 4 years and have been continuously evolving our framework to adapt to today's standards.


Audit & Analysis


We assess your current state, address your pains, clarify your goals, create a vision which will act as our compass.




We build a backlog full of deliverables and a custom action plan based on our ADES™ framework




We lead you through the implementation process, build workflows, and train your ClickUp Champions


Scaling & Growth

And finally...

We give you the resources and support to help your Digital Ecosystem scale with your business.

Automations & API Integrations Development

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As a Make.com expert we can automate processes and create custom integrations to connect your digital tools and sync your data across all platforms!

If you have an automation idea send it to us. We will validate your idea and send you a project estimate and with our formula you will get an ROI forecast for the following 12 months.

You can use our calculator to check ROI on your ideas.

This way we can determine if it’s worth spending the funds developing such automation. (spoiler: 99% of the time it’s worth it)

What's Included?

2 hour call & Recording

3 Universal Currencies Analysis

Solve a Major Pain

Downloadable Executive Summary with a step by step Action Plan

Screen Sharing & Live Implementation

(If applicable) Pre-call recording audit of your current ClickUp setup

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Monitoring & Support

From €85 to €215/month


Let us take care of your automations and make sure they work how they are supposed to while you take care of business.

What do we offer?

Make.com set-up

Erros Monitoring Channel

Automated Error Handling

Automation Idea & Validation

Development Discount

Bug/Error Resolution

24/7 Error Monitoring

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Can you help me determine what are the best tools to use for my business?

To get a quote for a project with pricing and a timeframe we need to first do one, or several Audit & Strategy calls (depending on size) to determine what you need and what is the  best course of action.

Do you have a course or somewhere I can learn to save time like you?

Make sure to follow me on Youtube where I share some tips, tricks and other content that can help you save time! And who knows, we might be cooking a course or 2 for the near future 😏.

How do you work?

We work with an iterative approach that allows us to deliver results fast and in small chunks so you can start working in your Digital Ecosystem as soon as possible. We are also very flexible in the way we work so we can adapt to the needs of our customers.

Do you have any quick services with their pricing I can buy?

Absolutely. You can sign up on our client portal and purchase any services including consulting hours, support, automation related services and others on demand

What if I just want a one-off consulting session?

That's not a problem! You can book a quick Pick My Brain consulting call or use our asynchronous consulting sessions powered by Volley. We have plenty of one-off session solutions that can fit your needs. You can find out more by signing up to our Client Portal.

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