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Yes, that's me 4 years ago realizing how much time and money I was wasting on tasks that could be automated...

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Can you give me a timeline and price estimation during a discovery call?

To get a quote for a project with pricing and a timeframe we need to first do one, or several Audit & Strategy calls (depending on size) to determine what you need and what is the  best course of action.

Do you have a course or somewhere I can learn to design like you?

Make sure to follow me on Youtube where I share some tips, tricks and other content that can help you save time! And who knows, we might be cooking a course or 2 for the near future 😏.

How do you work?

We work with an iterative approach that allows us to deliver results fast and in small chunks so you can start working in your Digital Ecosystem as soon as possible. We are also very flexible in the way we work so we can adapt to the needs of our customers.

Do you have any quick services with their pricing I can buy?

Absolutely. You can sign up on our client portal and purchase any services including consulting hours, support, automation related services and others on demand

What if I just want a one-off consulting session?

That's not a problem! You can book a quick Pick My Brain consulting call or use our asynchronous consulting sessions powered by Volley. We have plenty of one-off session solutions that can fit your needs. You can find out more by signing up to our Client Portal.